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For Troubled Boys - Kota The Friend Lyrics

Paroles de la chanson For Troubled Boys par Kota the Friend
We just tryna be happy
I'm a Rubik's Cube to every woman that have me
I dealt with women who feel they got the right to attack me
It's like she always failed to say how it happened exactly
'Cause I'm gentle in my nature, they takin' advantage
Women tryna beat my ass, 'cause I took 'em for granted
Six years, you'll see me paintin' this picture
It's almost finished and it's time that I give you this canvas, it's here
You was born out of trauma
And you was put in the lion's den with no weapon or armor
You cope and mechanisms help, now they makin' it harder
And you was handin' out revenge, wasn't thinkin' 'bout karma
You movin' farther from God, kid
Don't you let the devils raid into your heart, kid
Leave the game with the same spirit you start with
If you already changed, then your heart is hot
Similar to mine and it's time for you to start the job
You keep placin' the blame
And then you wonder why the outcome always end up the same
Just be gentle with yourself, why you processin' pain?
Askin' questions like, "Damn, how complex is my brain?"
And bro, the answer is varied
And if you [broadening?] depression, I know that burden is heavy
When you seven and chronically sad
Every day tryna be glad
People do you wrong, now you got a collection
Of grudges all in your bag
And you trust nobody, you got beef with yo' mom and yo' dad
Or yo' brother doin' shit on you like nobody gon' want yo' ass
You always lookin' for home, you always lookin' for love
Nobody to meet yo' needs, I'm fittin' to set you free, bruh
People are gifted, they castin' spells
But all that really matter how you feel about yourself
And bitter motherfuckers love draggin' people to hell
The reason I put my heart on the table like show and tell
And other people feelings got nothin' to do with you
And nothin' that they say should affect yo' personal truth
Imagine a mere man whose goal is to stop the sun
From shinin', homie, I promise they can't do nothin' to you
Unless you let 'em, lately I'm feelin' my feelings fully
Risin' to all my challenges, ??? facin' bullies
I'm happy in my routine, I used to get overwhelmed
Until I started puttin' the work in to love myself
Everyday I wake up and run, shower face, mass read
Journal, sit down, breathe, and then I school my son
He tell me, "Play my song"
I let the pressure make me feel like fatherhood was a chore, boy, was I wrong?
I am blessed, now I say that with my chest
I am grateful for my breath, I am present in my flesh
That's enough for me to go around
Got so much to give because I give so much to me and that's the shit that make me free
Apples fallin' from my tree, I am abundant
Hummingbirds in my backyard, butterflies in my stomach
Livin' is really somethin'
Kickin' it on my hammock, serenated by chimes
I set up my environment strictly to help my mind
And that's self-love, passin' that generation who wealth up
Down and then side to side, everything is by design
Just look in yo' mirror and see the key
Put it in the door to yo' cage and set you free, love

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