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  • Power Of Your Love
  • Hear Our Praises
  • King Of Majesty
  • Razones Para Vivir
  • Lead Me To The Cross
  • At The Cross
  • You Crown The Year
  • Desert Song
  • Youre Here With Me
  • Holy One Of God
  • Soy Libre
  • All Day
  • His Love
  • The Great Southland
  • Here To Eternity
  • Eres Mi Fortaleza
  • Oh God Of My Comfort
  • The Lord Is Good
  • Rainbow
  • Need You Here
  • Found
  • None Beside You
  • Shout Of The King
  • Lord I Give Myself
  • We The Redeemed
  • You Are Faithful
  • God Is Able
  • You Are Holy
  • Forever Reign
  • It Is Well With My Soul
  • Come To Me
  • Holy Spirit Rain Down
  • God He Reigns All I Need Is You
  • Por Mi Murio To Know Your Name
  • Oceans Will Part
  • Reason I
  • Grace
  • Camino Angosto
  • To Know Your Name
  • Because
  • I Will Exalt You
  • Desperate People
  • Greater Than All En Vivo
  • Aftermath
  • For All Who Are To Come
  • Oceans Instrumental
  • All Things Are Possible
  • Your People Sing Praises
  • Mercy Endures
  • You Brought Me Here
  • Look To The Cross
  • Forever Reign Instrumental
  • Blessed
  • Royalty
  • Lift Our Praises
  • Glory To God
  • Glory
  • Father Of Creation
  • Carry Me
  • Saviour King
  • Es Nuestro Dios
  • Children Of The Light En Vivo
  • For Who You Are
  • Salvation Is Here
  • I Simply For You
  • With All I Am
  • The Reason I
  • Tu Estas Aqui
  • Nova
  • Angels
  • Dios Sobre Todo
  • Adonai
  • I Believe In Jesus
  • Abba Fathe
  • This Is How We Overcome
  • In You I Stand
  • How Great Is Our God
  • Glow
  • Dedication
  • Time Has Come
  • Beneath The Waters I Will Rise En Vivo
  • Bones
  • Let Your Presence Fall
  • Son Of God
  • Father Of Lights
  • Til I See You
  • Point Of Difference
  • Narrow Road
  • Open My Eyes
  • Glory To The King
  • Let Us Adore
  • Only One For Me
  • Youre Faithful
  • Mi Vida Esta Llena De Ti
  • Dios Esta De Vacaciones
  • Como La Brisa
  • Hope Of The World En Vivo
  • You Deserve
  • Nunca Fallara
  • From The Inside Out

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Power Of Your Love, Hear Our Praises, King Of Majesty, Razones Para Vivir, Lead Me To The Cross, At The Cross, You Crown The Year, Desert Song, Youre Here With Me, Holy One Of God, Soy Libre, All Day, His Love, The Great Southland, Here To Eternity, Eres Mi Fortaleza, Oh God Of My Comfort, The Lord Is Good, Rainbow, Need You Here, Found, None Beside You, Shout Of The King, Lord I Give Myself, We The Redeemed, You Are Faithful, God Is Able, You Are Holy, Forever Reign, It Is Well With My Soul, Co
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